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Roof Replacement Case Studies: Roof Replacement in Granville, Ohio

Friday, August 27th, 2021 by Mary Caroline Holstein


This Granville homeowner noticed moss on her roof. She asked her neighbors if they had a reputable roofing company to recommend, and they recommended Klaus after having a great experience with us! She gave us a call and we sent Certified Inspector Justin Tise over to conduct a free estimate.

Justin found that there was indeed heavy moss/algae/lichen growth on the back slope of the roof. The homeowner was right to call us, as these growths hold moisture which damages the shingles. There were also missing shingle tabs, and some places had wood rot.

The biggest issue was that the entire roof had no underlayment under the shingles -  the shingles were put right on the wood! Underlayment is required by code, so this roof was improperly installed.

The shingles had severe granulation loss, meaning they were at the end of their life. Therefore, Justin recommended they replace the entire roof before the decaying shingles inevitably started to leak.  


When our team first began the project, they stripped the roof down to its wood base. They then removed and replaced the significant areas of rotting fascia and soffit wood before installing any liners and underlayment.

Next, our team installed a Stormtite synthetic underlayment and a StormShield ice and water protector. These products are adhered to the wood base of the roof and protect it against water damage that can lead to wood rot. The old roof did not have an underlayment, which explains why so much of the wood was rotting.

They then sealed all gable end vents and other attic vents not located at the soffit or along the ridge from the inside. For proper attic ventilation, you want air to draw in at the soffit and exhaust out at the ridge. If there are other vents, they will interrupt this airflow. A healthy attic starts with proper ventilation, and to ensure the roof will stand the test of time proper ventilation is extremely important.

Lastly, they installed all new IKO shingles. These shingles are constructed from asphalt to provide durable, long-lasting protection. After the process was complete the owners were left with a new, properly installed roof!

Project Summary

Certified Inspector: Justin Tise

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