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Roof Ridge Vent & Shingle Repair in Frankfort, OH

Roof Ridge Vent & Shingle Repair in Frankfort, OH

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Roof Ridge Vent & Shingle Repair in Frankfort, OH Roof Ridge Vent & Shingle Repair in Frankfort, OH

A homeowner in Frankfort, OH called Klaus Roofing of Ohio because they had water leaking through their roof and had several damaged shingles. One of our inspectors visited the home and did a thorough examination of the roof. He realized the water was coming through the roof's old ridge vent that was not covered or sealed properly. He proposed this repair to the homeowners as well as a replacement of all the damaged shingles. The owners agreed and our crew came out and repaired the roof. Now the roof will not longer leak through the ridge vent.

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Your roof is your home’s first line of protection against the elements. However, this means that your roof will likely suffer damage over time. What might start as a small roof leak or a simple missing shingle can quickly worsen until it becomes a large roof leak that causes costly water damage to your home's interior.

Klaus Roofing of Ohio can help. Our team can carefully inspect your roof, identify the source of your problem, and then suggest the best solution for your roofing needs. While roof repair is often a good option, if the damage is severe or your roof is too old then our team can also undertake a full roof replacement. You can also count on us for roof cleaning and gutter cleaning to keep the property looking pristine and the roof strong. Plus, we even offer wind mitigation inspections and wind mitigation services to help you qualify for insurance discounts.

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Our services in Frankfort, OH:

  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Repair
  • Shingle Roofing
  • Metal Roofing
  • Flat Roofing
  • Roof Inspections
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Gutter Installations
  • And more!

Protect your home with roof repairs, a roof replacement, a gutter installation, replacement windows, and new doors today! Klaus Roofing of Ohio offers only the best systems in the business. Rest assured knowing you won't have to worry about costly water damage with our state-of-the-art roofing systems. Call us today at 1-844-745-9493 or complete the provided form to schedule a free estimate on any of our roofing and gutter services. We proudly serve Frankfort and the surrounding areas.

Commercial roofing services throughout Frankfort

When it comes to durable roof repairs and replacements, Klaus Roofing of Ohio doesn't just specialize in residential projects. We also offer quality commercial roofing services to commercial property owners in Frankfort and nearby. We offer EPDM rubber and metal roofing materials and can complete repairs for these types of roofs. We provide roof inspections, roof replacements, reroofing, roof repair, roof maintenance, flashing repair, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, and so much more.

Don't wait another day to complete timely repairs to your commercial building's roof — this can lead to even more expensive issues down the road, including the need for a complete replacement. Contact Klaus Roofing of Ohio today at 1-844-745-9493 or fill out our online form to schedule a free, no-obligation commercial roofing estimate in Frankfort, OH, and the surrounding areas.

Trusted gutter installation company in Frankfort

Does your Frankfort home have old, inefficient gutters? Sagging, clogged, or damaged gutters are more problematic than you may think. If your gutters aren’t working as they should, water can seep into your home and cause interior water damage, home mold, structural damage, and more. Luckily, Klaus Roofing of Ohio can protect your home with reliable gutter services.

We are your local gutter installation expert. Homeowners throughout the Frankfort area count on our gutter experts for high-performance seamless gutter installations, gutter guards, gutter cleaning, and more. Our seamless aluminum gutter systems ensure water is properly diverted away from your home, keeping your roof, foundation, siding, and landscaping safe for years to come.

Plus, we offer vinyl siding installation in Frankfort & nearby!

Not only do we offer dependable roofing and gutter services, but we also offer vinyl siding installation throughout Frankfort. Vinyl siding is an extremely popular option for homeowners because of its ability to shed moisture. This prevents mold and mildew growth in the long run, keeping your home healthy and pristine. Even better, it doesn't require any maintenance. What's better than that?

Looking to upgrade your home with brand-new siding? Call Klaus Roofing of Ohio today at 1-844-745-9493 or fill out our online form to schedule a free vinyl siding installation estimate in Frankfort and beyond.

New, energy-efficient replacement windows & doors

Upgrade old, drafty windows or install beautiful, new doors for a home renovation with the experts at Klaus Roofing of Ohio! We provide great-looking, durable, and energy-efficient replacement windows and doors for any situation! This includes:

  • Replacement windows
  • Vinyl windows
  • Wood windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Double-hung windows
  • And more!
  • Replacement doors
  • Patio doors
  • Storm doors
  • Vinyl doors
  • Entry & front doors
  • And more!

We are with you every step of the way, helping you pick the perfect replacement windows or doors for your needs and budget. Get a free window and door installation estimate to learn more!

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If you want to protect your Frankfort home against costly weather damage for the long haul, look no further than Klaus Roofing of Ohio! Get in touch with us today at 1-844-745-9493 or simply click below to schedule a free estimate for roofing installations, gutter replacements, gutter installations, roof repairs, replacement windows, replacement doors, vinyl siding, and more.

Job Stories From Frankfort, OH
Leaking Roof Repair in Frankfort, OH

The roof in question presented a troublesome leak that had already begun causing interior damage. The precise origins of this leak remained uncertain, with potential culprits ranging from the natural aging of the roofing materials to the possibility of a faulty step flashing installation, or even the presence of four layers of shingles that may have contributed to the issue.


Recognizing the urgency of the situation and the potential for this leak to evolve into a more significant problem, we embarked on a comprehensive course of action. To rectify the situation, we initiated a thorough roofing overhaul. This involved the meticulous removal of all existing layers of roofing materials, effectively eliminating any potential sources of the leak.


As a crucial preventive measure, we applied the dependable IKO Ice and Water protector across the entire affected area. This protective barrier was instrumental in safeguarding the roof against any future water intrusion.


Following this essential step, we proceeded to re-shingle the roof, ensuring a durable and aesthetically pleasing new roofing surface. Furthermore, we implemented precise step flashing techniques against the adjacent brick wall. This step was vital in sealing any potential gaps or vulnerabilities that may have contributed to the previous leak.


In conclusion, our comprehensive approach encompassed the removal of multiple layers of roofing, the installation of superior waterproofing measures, and the meticulous re-shingling and step flashing of the area. By addressing the potential causes of the leak comprehensively, we ensured the long-term integrity and protection of the homeowner's roof, offering peace of mind and safeguarding their interior from further damage.

Rood Replacement in Frankfurt, OH

A concerned homeowner residing in Frankfort, OH , reached out to our team at Klaus Roofing of Ohio  due to a pressing issue. He had noticed that his ceiling had become damp and was showing signs of bulging. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, we promptly scheduled a free estimation appointment to assess the extent of the problem.


Upon our thorough inspection, it became evident that a comprehensive roof replacement, including the installation of new decking, was necessary to address Bruce's roofing concerns effectively.


Our skilled technicians embarked on the project by meticulously removing the existing roofing materials, clearing the way for a fresh start. We then proceeded to rebuild the decking using top-quality CDX Plywood, ensuring a solid foundation for the forthcoming roofing system.


To fortify the roof against potential leaks and water infiltration, we expertly applied Ice & Water and Underlayment before carefully installing the new shingles. Additionally, we took measures to enhance the overall ventilation of Bruce's home by introducing a new ridge vent, a critical component for maintaining optimal indoor air circulation. For added protection, we also implemented chimney flashing to mitigate any potential issues around the chimney area.


Today, this homeowner and his family can rest assured that their home is now equipped with a brand-new roof, meticulously executed in accordance with the Klaus Roofing Way – the hallmark of quality and expertise that distinguishes Klaus Roofing Systems.

Rood Replacement in Frankfurt, OH - Photo 1
Damaged Gutters in Frankfort, OH

Located in Frankfort, OH, this residence required immediate attention for its gutter system. Recently acquired by the homeowners, the gutters were found to be in a deteriorated state. Seeking assistance, they contacted Klaus Roofing of Ohio. Our team promptly dispatched an inspector to evaluate the extent of the damage and develop a suitable remedy.


Sustaining the peak functionality of your gutters necessitates their unobstructed condition. Employing gutter guards or covers becomes indispensable in thwarting the accumulation of leaves, twigs, pine needles, insects, and debris within the gutter channels.

Damaged Gutters in Frankfort, OH - Photo 1Damaged Gutters in Frankfort, OH - Photo 2